How to become a candidate for an IT job

1. Develop detailed resume using lots of technical data and experiences for each job.
2. Most Placeable Candidate (MPC) - someone that is available immediately.
3. Recruiter Qualifying Checklist (RQC) - generates personal and technical data. 
4. Get pre-screened over the phone or in-person by technical contact at our office.
5. Be 60% flexible and 40% technical.
6. Maintain excellent written and verbal communications.
7. Keep an open mind.
8. Be confident but don't be arrogant.
9. Make sure you have realistic salary expectations.

10. Let employer or interviewer bring up salary matters first.

How to answer interview questions for an IT job

Employer asks you to gain additional facts about you about ambition, problem-solving and leadership skills.
1. Listen to the question. Make sure you understand before answering.
2. Be honest. You may be asked a follow-up question later and you don't want to be caught stretching the truth.
3. Be positive. Tell what you have learned to help what you have learned in future jobs. 
4. Answer only the question asked.  Ask interviewer if you have answered the question.  Rambling "kills" the interview. 
5. Give a structured answer.

5.1) State what you did? 

5.2) .Why you did it?

5.3) What you learned?

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All qualified candidates will be contacted within 24 hours.

Please request detailed job descriptions.


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